• Cher made fun of Madonna

    Cher has always been as straightforward as possible about everything that she likes and does not. And, of course, on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where the singer recently came, nothing has changed. When asked about which three celebrities she would like to sing a duet, Cher replied without hesitation: "Adele, Pink ... But not Madonna, no, thank you."

    "All right, Miss Negative," Ellen said with a laugh. - But actually the question was about who you would be.wanted tosing". “Oh, sorry, I allowed myself some liberties,” Cher answered modestly. This, by the way, is not the first time when she publicly speaks of a colleague dismissively: in the 90s there was something like unspoken hostility between Madonna and Cher. “I respect her approach to business, she is a professional in her field, but this does not negate the fact that she is brazen, spoiled with ***,” Cher said. "A couple of times she came to my house, because I was friends with her husband Sean Penn, but I did not like how she behaved. You can't be so rude with everyone around. ”

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