• Characteristics of men and women Virgins in the year of the Monkey

    Anna Lyubimova November 5, 2017

    The personality of this sign combination is interesting by the inconsistency of its folding characteristics. Practical realism and the logic of the Virgin enters the dispute with the carelessness and monstrousness of the Monkey. Of all the representatives of the Monkey year, it is Virgo that is distinguished by the most balanced and constant character, however,often the nature of the agile and flighty Monkey manifests itself in all its glory.

    People of this iconic combination are very unpredictable and sometimes confound others with their inconstancy and multi-faceted manifestation of character. Usuallydiscreet and organized Virgos under the influence of Monkey smooth severitytheir stereotypes, becoming more relaxed and decisive natures. Representatives of this combination in an amazing way combine the qualities of conservatism and constancy with spontaneity and the burden of change and novelty.

    Deva Ape knows how to live and enjoy happy moments of life, she is witty, easy to talk to, can be talkative and extravagant

    In different situations of life, these individuals show a tendency towards seriousness and deliberation of actions along with a cheerful disposition, spontaneity and recklessness.

    These people transfer all their active qualities to work and society, while in the family and everyday life they often show regularity and adhere to the principles of calmness and tolerance.

    Virgo of the Year of the Monkey is principled and self-sufficient, quite intelligent, has an opinion and is able to defend him. In the ability to control emotions and feelings, the Virgin sometimes outweighs the Monkey. However, the tendency to pessimism and negative thoughts Dev is significantly compensated by the cheerful disposition and ease of attitude to the life of the Monkey.

    Characteristics of male Dev-Monkey

    Virgo of the Year of the Monkey is principled and self-sufficient

    In this combination, one can observe wonderfully placed accents: along with prudence and principle, quite flexible nature gets on well, which is easygets along with people around him because of his openness, optimism and the ability to resolve conflicts, in time discharging the heat of passion some joke.

    In general, these are open and positive personalities, inquisitive and honest. They are generous with their emotions and attention, they know how to appreciate friendship and sincerity. A cheerful and positive temper attracts people to them, but sometimes they can become depressed, especially when they feel lonely and inattention.

    For Dev-Monkeys, the positive opinion of others is very important, they are prone to excessive dramatization of situations and close to heart take on conflicts

    Characteristics of male Dev-Monkey

    The men of this iconic combination are purposeful and volitional personalities. Theyable to clearly and thoughtfully organize their activities, paying little attention to the opinions of others, are prone to a critical assessment of situations and discontent can express in rather sharp remarks. Although in general, the Virgo Monkey tries to be tactful and restrain its emotions.

    Thanks to perseverance, diligence and perseverance, the Virgo boy, born in the Year of the Monkey, is able to achieve success in any field of activity, but he is more in love with the creative direction,where he can show his initiative and talents.

    Such men tend to career growth, leadership positions, since the role of subordinates is poorly given to them. Quite often theydirect their efforts to independent business activitiesand, as a rule, quite successfully. The implementation of ideas for them is much more important than the financial side of the issue, although they are rather scrupulous in everything and do not experience material shortages.

    Imperfections of the mark

    Men of this iconic combination of purposeful and volitional personality

    Despite the external strength and integrity of character, these guys in the soul are very vulnerable and receptive. In their youth, they limit communication, subconsciously fearing frustration and disappointment, but by the time they reach adulthood they are able to overcome their seclusion, because they understand that the path to success lies through communication.

    Imperfections of the mark

    The Virgo Monkey male is a rather attractive personality, he is intelligent, honest, restrained, spiritually rich. However, the Monkey’s influence often adds to his characterstupidity and stubbornness, which can provoke conflicts and incandescence of passions.The weakness of the sign is its intolerable rejection of the opinions of others. If it is different from his own, then there will be sharp criticism and at times an offensive irony.

    Characteristics of the Dev-Monkey women

    The special inconsistency of the nature of the Virgo-Monkey combination is manifested in the female character. The Virgin girl, born in the year of the Monkey, can be cheerful and charming, at the same time practical and restrained. Often the Virgo's inclination to conservatism and habitual foundations fights the Monkey's desire for change and novelty of sensations.

    Such ladies prefer creative professions, are excellent at managing and organizing posts, showing rigor and justice

    Sometimes these ladies cause others a sense of impenetrability, and sometimes, on the contrary, lovers of a carefree and fun pastime. So manifests itself this multi-faceted nature in different situations. Virgin Horses can wonderfully maintain a balance between a serious approach to business, enterprise and principle with the ability to relax and relax.

    In their character is externalfrivolity is combined with thoroughness and prudence, restraint with sociability, and conservatism - with extravagance.

    It is not always possible for the Virgin Monkey woman to hide her deep feelings and emotions behind a veil of passionlessness, although she tries to do this, but the reckless Monkey brings openness and lightness to her nature. She categorically does not accept lies and betrayal.

    Such women are often in a good mood, although, disappointed in anything or upset, they may become depressed. True, the attention and support of others quickly deduce them from this negative.

    Characteristics of the Dev-Monkey women

    Sometimes these ladies cause a feeling of impenetrability among others.

    In general, this is a very positive lady:she is optimistic, is ready to see positive signs in everything, to translate into a joke a brewing storm. Although their humor is sometimes quite sarcastic. Virgin Monkeys can offend a person who sincerely does not understand the reason for his offense. After all, the truth can not be offended. At the same time,criticism is perceived very vulnerableand touchy.

    Deva Monkey is a charming and bright personality. She is enterprising in work, loving silence and comfort of a family hearth.Her family is in the first place, for this she can sacrifice very much. However, such a lady needs to be discharged from routine and everyday life from time to time, so she is not averse to relaxing at parties and attending an event.

    Imperfections of the mark

    The weak side of the character of the representatives of this zodiacal combination can be called their acute susceptibility and tendency to melodrama. They sometimes take the smallest detail to heart and long worry about the most insignificant occasion.

    These ladies, being able to earn money, absolutely do not know how to manage them rationally, which is also a significant minus of their nature.

    It is necessary that next to them was a person who can help in planning the budget.

    Love compatibility of the Virgin in the year of the Monkey

    Virgo Ape is very attractive and loving, so it does not suffer from a lack of fans. She is ready to start novels, rushing into the abyss of new sensations and emotions. But a permanent life partner can not be found quite soon.

    The man of this zodiacal combination is, first of all, a very bright and charming personality, and many girls would not mind building love relationships with him. However he himselfnot always ready to part with their freedom and independence, continuing to make new love intrigues, quickly cooling down and striving for new adventures.

    The Deva Ape man is very critical of the topic of creating a family and is afraid to make a mistake, so before considering serious relationships, he should take a close look at his partner.

    Love compatibility of the Virgin in the year of the Monkey

    Virgo-Monkey is very attractive and loving, therefore does not suffer from a lack of fans

    Such men marry more often in adulthood. A woman with whom he can achieve harmonious compatibility in love must possess such qualities as tolerance and calmness in order to withstand his sometimes absurd and difficult character. Girls with an ambition do not suit him, because he himself is very strong personality, so this combination will lead to constant conflicts. Butin the family such a man is reliable and faithfulloving and caring spouse and father.

    The Virgo Monkey woman is a very complex and sometimes unpredictable nature in building personal relationships. Her outwardly frivolous behavior has a delicate calculation and practicality. It sets a high bar, which a partner must comply with, and especially a life partner, and until he is convinced of its reliability and stability, he maintains a certain distance.However, having found her soul mate, the woman more than favors her with love, caress and care.

    This is a wonderful spouse and mother. The family is always in the first place for her, she is trying with all her might to create comfort and warmth in the family circle and sacrifice her interests in favor of maintaining a stable home. Such women rarely allow divorces, since the preservation of the family andwarm relationships with all relativesare central to their lives.

    Minimum compatibility
    According to the eastern calendar Dragon, Rat, Pig Monkey, Snake, Cat (Rabbit), Bull Tiger, Horse, Dog, Rooster, Goat
    Western calendar Virgo, Aries, Cancer, Taurus Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

    A complete description of the child of the Virgin, born in the year of the Monkey

    The kids of this combination are very homely and calm. For outdoor walks, they prefer creative pursuits - drawing, sculpting, weaving, knitting, while they do not like solitude. Therefore, if such a baby should be left alone, parents should take care that he is something enthusiastically busy.

    Big companies cause these children the painful signs of shyness, so they are behaving in isolation and somewhat detached. But in the family liberated, big inventors, so parents should show interest in their stories and creativity, directing development in the right direction.

    characteristics of the child of the Virgin, born in the year of the Monkey

    The children of this combination are very homely and calm

    The girls and boys of Virgo, born in the year of the Monkey, are very curious, focused, will always find something to do without giving the parents special trouble. Their natural ability to see hidden meaning in actions and situations, an acutely developed sense of justice sometimes leads to distrust and frustration. thereforethey especially need supportand the attention of parents.

    These children need to inculcate the ability to stand up for themselves, to promote the development of inner confidence, sociability, then they will be able to show the best traits of their character.

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