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    Causes of sticking

    Often in the corners of the lips appear small cracks that hurt, interfere with talking, eating, and besides, it looks unattractive. We usually call them Jade, and medical people have their own term - angulite. The reasons for the jam can be different.

    What causes the rides

    The reason for everything is our immunity, or rather, its weakening. We do not have time to monitor health, eat right, we are subject to all sorts of stress. Often the body does not have enough vitamins, especially groups A and B, because they do not accumulate in the body.

    In addition, the cause may be various disorders in the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

    In children, this disease is due to frequent licking of the lips or when they take foreign objects in their mouths. At the same time, the corners of the mouth are moistened with saliva, which may contain pathogenic bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity. Licking the lips during an angulite prevents the healing of cracks and also infects them.

    Poor oral hygiene is another reason for sticking in the corners of the lips.

    Adults may also face a similar problem.The reason may be poor quality, poorly chosen or simply incompletely washed denture. In addition, the absence of teeth can alter the bite and cause biting.

    The emergence of angulite can trigger the ingestion of certain substances in the body, for example, toothpaste with a high content of fluoride. It is also possible an allergic reaction to some drugs and lipstick.

    In addition, contact contamination is possible: with a kiss on the lips, through dishes, towels and other personal items.

    Mention should also be made of diseases associated with metabolism, such as diabetes. Doctors believe that angulite is the result of a secondary fungal infection caused by diabetes mellitus.

    We talked about the reasons for the occurrence of a jam, but this disease can and must be dealt with.

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