• Cat vomits, what to do?

    Your pet has frightened you with unexpected vomiting. Cat vomits, what to do? Let's first assess the condition of the animal at the end of vomiting. How active is it, does the cat keep an appetite? You can measure the temperature (normal cat - 38-39 ° C). If vomiting is not repeated, the animal is active, eats well and its temperature is normal, the cause of vomiting, most likely, lies in the nutritional plane (overeat). Punish her anxiety with “starvation rations,” and let's drink plenty of water.

    Cat vomits food

    Perhaps she ate something "wrong." It is impossible to exclude the likelihood of gastritis or dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Try to treat the animal with an intensity or almagel. Teaspoon three times a day. There will not be more than a visit to the veterinary clinic and testing. There is a possibility of a more terrible disease of the liver or kidneys, so do not refuse the examination. Vomiting can cause a change of feed. For the future, remember - feed the animal needs to be changed in small portions. In order to avoid dehydration of the body, you can enter the cat saline.

    Cat tears foam

    Reasons for vomiting white foam can be different - from promiscuity in food to overeating.It is possible that the cat has eaten raw meat or something sweet. Another reason may be banal molt. Licking, the animal eats its own wool. The cause of vomiting foam can be worms. Try to give the cat a smect, enterosgel, activated carbon. These drugs neutralize the body's toxic substance and stop vomiting. To destroy the worms, use antiemetic drugs tsestal or drontal. Even in the absence of worms prevention does not interfere. Add some potassium permanganate to her drink, and the best medicine for overeating, as you know, is a fasting session. In the future, see if your pet does not pick up something obscene on the street.

    Cat rips bile

    This is a sure sign of poisoning. Wash her stomach with furatsilinom or a weak solution of potassium permanganate (1 tablet per 1 liter of water). Do not feed the animal during the day, except perhaps fresh milk. Although if vomiting is not strong, you can just wait - unpleasant moments can pass by themselves. Again we focus on the inadmissibility of overeating. From some products, for example, from river fish, cats are simply not able to break away, and this feast ends sadly. If an animal walks on the street, it is difficult to follow its “diet”.The cat can eat a rat, mouse or bird with feathers. In case of complications, it is desirable to give the animal a tablet of the above, drink plenty of milk, and if it does not, pour it.

    Cat vomits blood

    Impurities of blood in vomit signal trauma to the gastrointestinal tract. In the case of red blood there is an injury of one of the upper sections - the esophagus, pharynx, or the oral cavity. If the blood has the color of coffee grounds, the bleeding site is the stomach. A systemic disease, a foreign body and even a tumor can cause this pathology. Seeing a doctor is the right decision in this situation.

    In many cases, vomiting can be prevented. Give the cat only high-quality food or a good ready-made food, a complete balanced "naturalka".

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