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    Caring for indoor flowers photo, pictures, images Uhod-za-komnatnymi-tsvetamiCare for indoor flowers

    Pot flowers



    Women have always loved flowers, and their boys have tomake bouquets of flowersand give to your sweetheart. Earlier they collected them in fields and meadows, wove wreaths from them, made bouquets and brought them to their homes. Girls likecare of indoor flowers. Over time, this tradition has become an inalienable occupation of girls, girls and women. They know all about nursing, proper watering, when replanting indoor flowers is best.


    The compilation of bouquets and cultivation of indoor plants is a clear occupation, but it requires certain knowledge and skills. In the knowledge of the art of floriculture will help you special books, as well as some useful tips and recommendations Interesting site.


    How to arrange indoor flowers, arrangement of plants



    Low plants should always be placed in the first row of glass, and behind them higher ones, so that large and small ones get equal air and light. Do not place flowers near batteries! Do not hang curtains that are too thick on the windows. Ventilate the room often.Arrangement of indoor plants and flowerscan be carried out according to your taste and discretion.


    For planting and transplanting plants you can use pots that have already been used. But they must first be very well washed with hot water and held in boiling water to destroy the mold. New pots also need to be put in the water for half an hour.


    Shelves are selected depending on the size and interior of the room. They greatly decorate the room and allow you to increase the number of indoor plants. Shelves should be light, thin, light, so that they less delayed the light pouring from the window into the room. Such shelves are best of thin slats or glass.


    Forwide windowsthey can be made in the form of ladders that run parallel to each other or descend towards each other. On narrow windows, shelves are made only on the sides, like two shelves; can be made and hanging shelves.


    Plants with hanging branches- Tradescantia, saxifrage, asparagus, curly fuchsia - hang on wires and on ropes. For them, it is made of thin sticks of a basket, or a simple board with holes for the wire in the corners, or a plastic cup. The suspension is built on a hook so that the plant pot can be removed. Better on the wall above the window to screw in two rollers through which the long cord is passed. Cord tied for a nail nailed to the side of the window. For watering the pot down on the string, like a curtain.


    How to care for flowers



    Tools for the care of flowers photo, image pictures Instrumenty-po-uhodu-za-tsvetamiFlower care tools

    Flower care toolsmust be collected in one place - in a locker or drawer. This will be a first aid kit for indoor flowers.


    Fertilizers: crushed coal, iron sulfate, nutritious salts, soda, green soap, sulfur, tobacco dust, feverfew.


    Surgical instruments, tweezers, scissors, razor.


    Hygienic devices, sprayer, sponge, brush, brush, watering can.


    When to transplant indoor plants



    Young houseplants need to be replanted every spring, in April or May, and large plants, if they feel good, every two to three years. It's all simple.


    How to water the flowers



    To check whether the flowers are well watered, click your finger on the edge of the pot: if the earth in the pot is dry, the pot will sound loud (it's time to water), if it is wet, the sound will be deaf.


    Need to knowhow to water flowers correctly, depending on the time of the year. In winter, the plant should be watered in the morning, and moderately; and in the summer - in the evening, and plentifully. In the summer, the plants are watered daily (much less in winter). Too much water for plants is even worse than not enough - roots can rot! The air in the room is very dry - therefore the flowers grow poorly, even though they are watered regularly. Spray the plants more often (preferably from a special bottle for ironing the laundry), then they will feel fine.


    Avtopoilka for flowers



    If you are not home for a few days, before you leave a good flow of plants and pour a large amount of water in the pan.


    At the time of departure for the holidays, holidays make "avtopiloku for flowers." Pour a bucket of water. Put it on the stool, and around the stool arrange the pots of flowers. Take an ordinary gauze bandage. Measuring the length from the surface of the earth in the pot to the bottom in the bucket, cut as many long strips as the pots with flowers.


    From a bucket of water to the ground in flower pots, stretch these strips of gauze. Strengthen them so that they don't accidentally fall. Through these "pipes" water will always flow to the ground in pots, and each flower will receive as much moisture as it needs. Simpleautomatic drinkingwill not let your favorite home plants dry out.


    Shower for indoor flowers



    Shower for house flowers photo, pictures Dush-dlya-komnatnyh-tsvetovShower for indoor flowers

    Once a month, real lovers of flowers, arrange a “bath” for their colors. Expose them to the bathroom or shower and spray. From a spray, watering can, wash the leaves. Skinny leaves, heavily soiled, wash with soapy water. But just be careful - the roots of plants do not like soap!


    From plants with hard leathery, folded leaves, wash the dust with a soft brush (cacti brush). Cut dry twigs and withered leaves.


    How to prolong the life of cut flowers



    Some indoor plants bloom. Some bloom 2-3 times a year, while others once in 5 years. But, of course, we cannot be content only with flowers that houseplants give us, because in the house where there are women there are always flowers from the garden or bought in the market,flower shops, donated by guests and relatives.These colors need to be able to extend life. Meet useful tips frominteresting sitebelow, and compare whether you are doing this.


    Flowers from the gardenbest cut early in the morning or after sunset. Flowers cut by day, do not live long in a vase. They should be cut shortly before their full blossoming. It is advisable that they remain with long stems, in order to preserve a larger quantity of spare nutrients. To flower buds soon opened, add to the water or ammonia, or camphor alcohol (1/2 teaspoon per 1 liter of water).


    Gladiolus cutat the moment of full disclosure of the lower flower in the spike-shaped inflorescence with a sharp knife so that at least four leaves remain intact. In the water, they gradually gradually reveal all the flowers within two weeks, and the lower ones that start flowering should be removed.


    Dahlias cut offin their complete dissolution in the morning, but not in dew, as wet buds rot. Cut the stems obliquely, with a sharp knife, not with scissors, otherwise they will flatten.


    Chrysanthemum is better to break. Leave the stem longer to provide a flower with a supply of nutrients.


    Flowers with a solid stem (chrysanthemums,roses,peonies), split to a depth of 3-4 cm and put pieces of matches into the split so that the edges do not converge. This will increase the absorption of moisture.


    dracaena flower care photo pictures dratsena-tsvetok-uhodDracaena flower care, photo

    The flowers that emit the milky juice are cut under the water, as in the air the milky juice quickly hardens, clogs the conducting vessels and causes wilting. Flowers with a milky juice are placed in warm water. The ends of the stems (5-10 cm) flowering shrub branches (lilac,jasmine) it is necessary to knead with a blunt object before turning them into fibers and put in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.


    Every day, or every other day, you need to take a little care andcut the stems of flowersalready standing in the vase to prevent rotting.


    Pierce tender stems (for example, in cyclamen) with a pin.


    Before placing flowers in a vase, remove all leaves from the bottom of the stems that will be under water. The roses are removed and thorns.


    Havelily"Regale" it is necessary to remove the anthers, without them the flower lasts longer. Lilies can be cut in buds, in water they will open. This also applies to irises. Flowers need as soon as possible to put in the water, after cutting the stem on2-4cm.


    It is not recommended to put flowers in the room next to ripe fruit,because they release ethylene - gas, which accelerates the fall of the petals. Especially sensitive are roses, carnations, daffodils and delphiniums.Dangerous to fresh flowers are dangerous.


    Flowers like boiled watercooled to 20 degrees, they “drink” it twice as much as tap water (there is too much oxygen in raw water).


    Asters and Dahliasthey love to change the water in the evening to all the colors except for the carnation, it is useful to spray it with water, this replaces dew. Especially copiously sprayed violets.


    For the nightrosesshould be taken out of the water, rinse the ends of the stems well, wrap tightly in a wet newspaper and put in a cool place or with paper in a basin or bath with water.


    For flowers that have already begun to fade, a bath is useful: take them out of a vase and put them in a bowl filled with water all night so that only the rims are at the top.


    Slightlywithered flowersthey will regain their freshness if they are dipped for a few minutes in warm water (to a depth of 10 cm) and add a teaspoon of table salt.


    Water lily flowers photos, pictures tsvety-lilii-vodyanyeWater lily flowers

    For some types of flowers (water lilies, oriental poppies) depicted lilies in the picture on the left, you can use melted paraffin or stearin, which drip into the flower, and it keeps the petals in one position.


    HavepoppiesIt is recommended to cut the tip of the stem after a fire after cutting or pierce it with hot wire.


    Cut flowers longerretain their freshnessif the tablet is dissolved in water (acetylsalicylic acid). Water should be changed every two days, cutting off the stem by 1 cm.


    If you do not have special additives in the water, then ordinarysugar. For irises, gerberas - 30 g, for marigolds - 50 g, for roses - not more than 15 g, for carnations - 70 g per liter of water.

    Proljat a life of colors and such substances dissolved in water:


    1. glucose - approximately one percent solution;
    2. glycerin - one and a half - two percent solution;
    3. alcohol - ten percent solution;
    4. Aspirin - 1 tablet, dissolved in 1 liter of water.


    In summerwhen, due to high temperature, cut flowers rot faster, it is useful to put pieces of charcoal in the water or 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 liter of water.


    In order tospeed up the blooming of cut flowers, for 4 liters of water, add 1 teaspoon of saltpeter or 2 teaspoons of alcohol in which 2-3 drops of ammonia are dissolved, or a small piece of quicklime is thrown into the water.


    Maintain the water level in the vase: for freesia - 5 cm, gerberas - 5-8 cm, for chrysanthemums, roses, irises, tulips - 10 cm; for cloves and daffodils - 10-15 cm.Flowers that quickly "spoil" water, such as marigolds, daffodils, should be put only in separate vases.


    Flowers should stand in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight.


    It is undesirable to have drafts in the room. An important role is played by the indoor temperature: at 22 ° C, the flowers wither quickly, and at 18-20 ° C they cost much longer. It is recommended to put flowers in a cooler place at night (from + 10 ° С to + 15 ° С).


    How to make bouquets of flowers



    How to make bouquets of flowers photo, pictures, imagesHow to make bouquets of flowers

    It is rare to find a person who does not like flowers. Usually each of us gladly surrounds himself with these lovely particles of nature. Now learn how to dobeautiful bouquets of flowers.


    The best decoration of the house are flowers in a vase. I must say that a skillfully composed composition of 3-5 flowers is sometimes more pleasant for the eyes than a huge bunch of flowers.


    Make sure that the faded flowers do not get into our bouquet, they decorate a little and make the room neglected.


    Usually an odd number of flowers are placed in a vase (1-3-5-7). An even number of flowers is taken in our country to lay on the graves and bring to the dead.

    Therefore, be careful whenmake bouquetsfrom flowers, and especially when giving.In the photo on the right is a magnificent bouquet of roses and lilies.


    When making bouquets, picking a vase, you should be prompted by your taste. But it is advisable to put flowers on short stems (snowdrops, violets, etc.) in low vases and vice versa, those flowers that have long legs are placed in tall, narrow vessels.


    The only rule is that the flowers are fresh, fit each other and the vase, make a pleasant smell. Now you yourself know how to make bouquets of flowers.

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