• Capsule coffee. Benefit and features

    Coffee in capsules is a fashion trend in the beverage world. It is convenient, practical and fast - and what else is needed for coffee lovers who are in a hurry to live with the times? Coffee can be prepared in a capsule machine. Fortunately, their diversity has long been available to almost every coffee lover. In the world there are many manufacturers of capsular coffee, for example, the company Singlkap.

    Benefits of a capsule drink

    The capsule is a sealed package for an accurately measured amount of coffee. Grain for the drink is already ground by special technology and ready for cooking. All you need to do is place the capsule in the coffee machine and press the start button.

    The technology of making coffee has some features. So, at the first stage, the producers sort the grains, often at the same time mixing different varieties to produce new flavors.Then the grains are ground and packaged in special small cups, keeping the dosage in the range of 6 to 9 grams.

    The final stage of the sealed packaging process, during which the capsule is filled with an inert gas that does not allow the coffee to oxidize. Thanks to these features, making coffee keeps its taste for a long time. And the capsules themselves nespresso neoriginal can be stored up to 16 months. The shelf life depends on the blend and the material from which the capsule is made.

    Types of capsules

    Manufacturers offer coffee lovers capsules made from three types of material:

    • aluminum;
    • polymer;
    • a combination of aluminum, paper and polymer.

    Polymer capsules require a lot of manufacturing costs if the top category of polymers is used as raw material. But they can be easily disposed of. Aluminum "containers" are much less expensive, and due to the special coating of food materials, aluminum particles do not get into coffee and do not harm the human body. Combined capsules cannot be disposed of at the same time as food waste.

    This way of preparing an invigorating drink is about 30 years old, but has already won admirers around the world. Thanks to him, it became possible to avoid contamination of the stove and washing extra dishes, as well as save a lot of time by getting a strong and aromatic drink.

    The taste of the drinks on offer is very wide. For example, the brand Lespresso produces 18 flavors, Nespresso - 16, Lavazza - 8. Diversity is achieved by mixing arabica and robusta, which gives a stable foam and gives strength to the drink.

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