• Can you believe the horoscopes? Interview with astrologer Pavel Andreev

    Paul, tell us about yourself. Where were you born? Who are your parents? How was your childhood? And when did you have a craving for astrology?

    He was born in Moscow, he was a hooligan in his childhood and went to olympiads, an intelligent family was a doctor, his father was the youngest professor at the university at the time, but then he went into finance. The first time I saw my natal chart more than 13 years ago, but amateur astrology has long been present in my field, this is my mother's hobby.

    You call astrology an exact science. Based on what you have made such a conclusion?

    I made such a conclusion that astrology relies on mathematical calculations. It is as accurate as economics, operating with facts and probabilities.

    If astrology is an exact science, does this mean that man’s destiny is predetermined?

    No, for a 180 cm tall skeleton does not determine whether a person will be an athlete or dystrophic. A card is the rules of the game, and the player is a man himself.

    NASA Publication (@nasa)Jun 19 2017 at 2:34 pdt

    In your speeches, you say that every person on this planet has his own birth chart, which states exactly what actions will bring him luck and success. Does this mean that a person has a choice? And his prosperity depends only on how dear he goes?

    There is a choice, the whole horoscope revolves around the actions and desires of a person, and all points of the future are nothing but periods of change and choice (like a fork in the road).

    What is success for you? And do you consider yourself a successful person?

    Everyone has their own success. For me, this is harmony with nature and the struggle for the best result. I believe that success is not a destination, but the path itself, a lifestyle. I stick to this style.

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    Why do some people take advantage of luck, while others get in trouble all the time? How to attract luck?

    Luck is not grace from heaven, but the right of everyone. Attracting good luck means starting to live your life, remembering yourself, restoring yourself in rights, ceasing to merge with the biomass of human beings. The system works in such a way that when a person goes out on his way, he gets luck every day. Yes, there is some framework, not everyone is destined to become world champions or oligarchs.But everyone has their own territory for victories.

    How to build relationships with money? Do they need to be loved, obsessed with, or hated? Generally, what feelings need to feed to the money?

    For money you need to have the same feelings as for a spoon, a rag or a chopper. These are tools for achieving goals, a resource for promoting their initiatives in the society. Each person in the card spelled out personal rules for handling money and the laws of their attraction.

    NASA Publication (@nasa)Feb. 11 2017 at 4:42 am PST

    Why do some people plow their whole lives like damned while still living in poverty, while others go to the money themselves?

    It looks like the title of my article)

    And I read your articles (Yu.D.).

    Because the poor have forgotten that they are given the right to choose and earn money not by extensive labor, but by monetizing their talents as the highest value. If you do not know yourself, then by definition you cannot set a goal and carry value to the world. For lack of value, pennies are paid. Society is interested in the maximum number of sleepers. Someone should shout: "Free cash!"

    What is the difference between the psychology of the poor and rich man?

    You can spend hours broadcasting about this, but briefly, the poor work to live, and perceives money as a piece of paper for survival, while the rich live and work, simply realizing themselves and playing - the money itself is secondary.

    What advice would you give to parents who want to raise confident and successful people from their children?

    Leave the children alone. The child is just a guest in the family, it contains all the necessary programs for development, just enough to love him and create an atmosphere of safety and comfort - all the rest will be done by the natural mechanisms themselves. Unfortunately, many parents give birth to children from boredom, to be realized through them, to keep their husband, to boast in instagram, from the fear of time “just time”, which in many respects destroys the normal biological mechanism for activating programs embedded in each child’s card.

    NASA Publication (@nasa)Jan 22 2017 at 7:25 PST

    Do you agree that children should not be spoiled? And at what age do you think a child can be given pocket money?

    Pamper - buy off the loot, when there is no sincere contact and love. When you love, it is impossible to spoil. Pocket money - from five to six years.

    Do you think that men and women should have one approach to making money? Or do women have a slightly different story? As a woman, striving for wealth, should treat money?

    The approach is the same, 1: 1. There are differences between the male and female horoscope, but they are cosmetic. The era of Aquarius has erased gender differences in social realization, now there are almost no purely female and purely male professions left. Everyone can be everyone.

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