• Can a husband get maternity leave?

    Tatyana Getmanets
    Tatyana Getmanets
    January 14, 2013
    Can a husband get maternity leave?

    What is "maternity"? This allowance for childbirth and pregnancy, which are charged and paid to the woman who gave birth for 140 days, in other words - 70 days before the birth and 70 - after them. Such "vacation pay" is appointed only if there is a sick-list issued to the expectant mother for a period of 30 weeks in the antenatal clinic. The entire size of the maternity wages is paid by the employer, and then all 100% is reimbursed to him by the Social Insurance Fund. Well, now it is worth considering whether a husband can get maternity leave?

    Maternal mom can get and dad

    Yes maybe! This will be a one-time child allowance, for which you need to collect the relevant documents - a copy of a birth certificate, certificate of marriage registration, application for payment of fiat money, a copy of the workbook of the child’s mother. By the way, leave for a child up to one and a half years with the payment of benefits. This allowance can be assigned to both moms and dads, but only in this case,that both parents are working! This maternity leave is paid on the following terms: 40% of average earnings, but not more than 7 and a half thousand.

    Important document for maternity

    So can maternity leave get a husband? It is possible, but the experts of the Social Insurance Fund bark at the following: the husband of the woman who takes care of the baby must present a certificate from the place where the child’s mother works. Such a valuable certificate is required to confirm the fact that the woman does not currently use this leave and does not personally receive benefits for the newborn.

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