• Camping Candle

    This camping candle will help you quickly make a fire, with which you can cook food without difficulty, boil water in field conditions. There are times when it is necessary to make a fire, and there is no firewood at all, or it is soaked from rain. suitable for campfires. In these cases, you just help out this walking candle. A kind of analogue of dry alcohol for tourists.
    Camping Candle
    Its merits:
    • - does not take up much space in your backpack,
    • - will not leak, because it does not have liquid combustible fuel,
    • - is simple to manufacture and does not require expensive components,
    • - is waterproof and does not dampen it. very important,
    • - the storage period is not limited,
    • - safe because it is not explosive and does not ignite itself,
    • - great burning time, which is great enough for cooking.
    A great thing for winter fishing, where there is no firewood at hand.

    What you need to make tovleniya candles

    • - tin;?
    • - corrugated board any of the boxes;
    • - Paraffin candles,household or paraffin or wax briquettes.
    • - ordinary scissors or a round knife as in my case, a ruler, a pencil , paraffin melting tank.
    Camping candle

    Making a walking candle for long burning

    Take a tin can, put it on cardboard. This is necessary in order to determine the width of the strips into which we will cut the cardboard. There are two indicators: if you take the width of the cardboard a little wider than the can, then the flame will burn more intensely, and if less, the burning will be slightly worse, but more economical. It is up to you to decide which goals to use. I took a little wider cans. Generally, the cardboard will serve as a wick in this candle.
    Camping Candle
    Camping Candle
    Cut into strips of corrugated cardboard.
    Camping candle
    Fold these stripes into a “snail” and insert the jar.
    Camping Candle
    Camping Candle
    It is not necessary to insert tightly, rather everything should be free.Just put twisted kruglyash.
    Camp candle
    Take a bucket or a pan. Put the candles or paraffin briquettes. Melt on fire.
    Camping Candle
    Since I took the candles, the wicks float in paraffin. You can remove them, they are not needed. Paraffin is poured into a jar of cardboard in several parishes. ru / uploads / posts / 2017-12 / medium / 1512112038_9.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Camping Candle">
    Fill in for the first time and wait a little while the paraffin (wax) will drain down the cans and be absorbed into the cardboard. Then we repeat several times until the bank is completely filled.
    Camping Candle
    Camping Candle
    Camping candle
    In the final stage we insert a wick made of the same cardboard into the center. With it, you can quickly ignite a candle. Leave to cool. Despite its size, it will take a long time.

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