• Bride price: need or not?

    Redemption of the bride is a traditional and practically integral part of the wedding celebration. But that this event was not a banal, it is important to think in advance everything to the last detail.

    A good idea

    Where did it come from?

    The tradition of buying bride is known for a long time, and therefore it is difficult to say exactly how it, in general, appeared. There are several versions:

    • In Russia, daughters for parents were helpers. They cleaned, cooked, washed. And the bridegroom, who took such a helper from the family, was supposed to compensate the parents for such damage.
    • According to another version, the ransom was something of a gratitude to the father and mother for bringing up such a beautiful wife and mistress.
    • Another version is associated with those ancient times, when tribes still existed. As is known, marriages within one tribe were undesirable and could lead to the extinction of the genus due to incest. And so the young people tried to choose brides from other tribes. And often the relationship between the clans was very strained. And in order to appease the girl's parents, the groom made various offerings.

    Today, no one demands money for the bride, but it is still believed that the groom desiring to receive his beloved must undergo several tests. Only in this way he will be able to prove his feelings, and also show the bride's parents and friends that he can protect his beloved and take care of her.

    Where to spend the ransom?

    With the venue of the redemption can sometimes be very difficult. Usually, all events take place in the place of residence of the girl, because the groom must take his other half from his paternal home. But there are several options:

    House repurchase. If the room is quite spacious, then the ransom can be safely held in a private house or apartment. You can prepare the room in advance and arrange it in the way you need.

    Contests are different

    And what if the area of ​​the premises does not allow carrying out activities in it? Many decide to "occupy" the entrance. This option is also appropriate and quite possible. But if the entrance is narrow and dirty, then the groom, his friends and guests will not be very pleased to be in it. Yes, and tenants can interfere.

    If the weather allows, then let all the actions take place in the yard. In the fresh air to pass the test and observe what is happening will be much nicer. When all tasks are completed, the groom will be able to enter the premises and see his beloved.

    In the summer you can arrange a corner for the bride in the fresh air. For example, if there is a private house and a fairly spacious yard, then the girl may be in the gazebo. But the gazebo will need to somehow block or cover, because the groom should not see his beloved.

    How to spend?

    Redemption scenario can be any. We offer you some bold and original ideas.

    Fairy-tale redemption

    You can meet different things

    Take as a basis for a plot of some fairy tale. The best option, of course, is a tale of love, in which the main characters can never reunite, but still feelings bring them to each other. Options:

    • Cinderella. Naturally, the role of Cinderella will play the bride, and the role of the prince - the bridegroom. Contests can be very diverse. For example, a young man can be asked to help his beloved: sweep the floor, sort out the grain, or peel the potatoes. In addition, the groom can be blindfolded, give the bride's shoe and offer to try it on several girls, and then choose your soul mate. In general, re-read the story, turn on the fantasy and act.
    • Sleeping Beauty. Let the groom fight with the dragon and other monsters, go through the dense forest and overcome obstacles, to finally kiss his sleeping beauty and wake her up, breaking the spell.

    Thematic buyout

    You can arrange a ransom in the style of "Pirates", "Cowboys" or "Rogues". Having chosen the main theme, invent various contests and tests for the groom. For example, a cowboy may throw loops-lasso on bottles or even on frisky horses, whose role will be played by guests. Pirates can search for treasure, and the robbers will try in every way to deceive the bride and her parents.


    Turn on the fantasy

    Redemption can be turned into a real quest! Here is what you can think of:

    1. First, determine the area in which the events will unfold. He must be well-known. For example, you can choose the area in which the bride and groom met.
    2. Then determine the place in which the bride will wait for the groom. It can be a cozy cafe, a chic restaurant or even a beauty salon. Perhaps the girl will want to go to visit common friends.
    3. Now think about the route. Each stop should be meaningful and well-known for the bride and groom. For example, the first point of the route may be the first meeting place of the newlyweds, the second - a favorite place for walking, the third - the most frequently visited place.
    4. Come up with tasks.In each place of a stop the groom has to pass tests. So, you can offer him to find some important thing that will tell you where to go next.

    Inspection of the apartment

    The original buyout in the apartment is also quite possible. The bridegroom can be offered to reincarnate as a detective for a while and find his bride in her footsteps. In the process of searching, a young man may collect some artifacts, the role of which will be played by personal belongings of the beloved. And for each thing can be attached task.

    Tasks may be different. For example, you can ask questions about the apartment:

    1. What is the most favorite room for the bride?
    2. Where did the bride hide in her childhood?
    3. Where did the girl hide her sweets when she was little?
    4. Where does the bride spend the most time?
    5. Where does the girl not like to be?

    By the way, the bride can hide in a closet or pantry, it will complicate the search and make them more interesting.

    All the way around!

    A cool and creative option of redemption is the opposite of redemption. That is, not the bridegroom should be tested and redeem the bride, but the bridegroom's bride. Try to break stereotypes and surprise guests!

    Contests and tasks for the groom

    Everything should be fun

    To make it all fun and funny, you need to pick up or come up with original and unusual tasks and trials. Here are a few options:

    • "Affectionate Alphabet". The groom should, for every letter of the alphabet (with the exception of the most unused ones) say one affectionate word for the bride.
    • The groom is offered three glasses: one is salted water, the other is sour, in the third - bitter. What will be the face of a young man, such a life and waiting for the newlyweds.
    • The bridegroom and his friends should sing a serenade or a love song for the bride.
    • Passage into the room in which the bride expects, you can glue the wallpaper. The groom will tear them and then pay damages to their parents.
    • "And I recognize a pretty little by a finger." A tight sheet is stretched, several holes are made in it. In these openings the bride and her friends should place the ring fingers of the right hands, and the groom must guess which finger belongs to the beloved.
    • "Remember all". The bridegroom is asked questions about the bride and the relationship of the young, and he should give the right answers to them. In case of failure, the young man pays for the mistake.

    Helpful Tips


    Some helpful tips on foreclosures:

    • It is not necessary to choose a script and contests in verse. Improvisation is much more interesting and dynamic, and it’s not necessary to read a piece of paper.
    • Do not choose tasks that may embarrass or surprise the groom or guests.
    • Plan everything in advance and be sure to calculate the optimal redemption time for the newlyweds to have time at the registry office.
    • If you decide to use a ready-made script, be sure to "fit" it under the bride and the groom.
    • Do not make a bias for money. Instead, the groom can perform tasks: dance, sing, recite poems.
    • Be sure to prepare in advance for the purchase of attributes and costumes, so that everything went fervently and fun.

    Let the ransom and the wedding be remembered for all your life!

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