• Are there witches?

    Elena Shchugoreva
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    Are there witches?

    Despite the clarity of the question, it is quite difficult to answer unequivocally - yes or no -. The very concept of "witch" is too vague. Some understand this word as a powerful being, waving a hand to lift the dead from their graves, sacrificing babies to save the city from Universal Evil and burning grass in fires to mingle with the Prince of Darkness. To some, the word �witch� is an old woman who lives alone in a hut on the edge of the forest, quietly drying bats and raising spiders in the basement. Sometimes the suffering people of the surrounding villages come to her and ask to �talk toothache�. The grandmother gives the patient to chew a mixture of narcotic herbs, and for greater significance, so that the sick person does not think that he, in principle, can even pick grass in the forest, whisper spells and spit over his left shoulder. Voila! - The tooth does not hurt, the patient is well, the spells work. So, are there witches?

    If you choose one of these two types, suitable under the definition of "witch", you should refer to the origin of the word. "Witch" - from the verb "know".In other words, they called the woman vedunya, who knew, knew incomparably more than ordinary people. That is, in essence, the witch is a herbalist and chemist, inventor and philosopher. Of course, few people understood why the witch was not suffering from diseases, she didn�t have rats in the basement, and wild predators swallow to her. But all that matters is to drink the decoctions of the necessary roots and leaves, to leave the poison, poisoned from mushrooms, in the basement and lure the wolves. The man in the street did not want to think how the witch had achieved such a state of affairs - it was easier for them to incriminate the old woman to communicate with evil spirits.

    Now it is difficult to imagine such "knowers", although many continue to believe that witches exist. In which area to know them? The problems that the witches had previously solved are solved by going to the pharmacy or by searching the Internet. Unless, somewhere in the middle of nowhere near the forest there is a hut with an ominously creaking door, and at the window sits the experienced ancestors and their own observations, Seer. In other words, the witch.

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