• Appliqué Slipper for March 8th

    Each mother will be pleased to receive as a gift for her holiday some stylish and elegant thing, especially - made with the caring handles of her baby. Therefore, we propose to produce by March 8 an original and very beautiful application in the form of a shoe. The application of a shoe on March 8 will help to raise the mood of the mother, emphasize her femininity and leave a pleasant mark on the path of her mother's memories.

    The shoe is made quite simply. You only need to draw a rather large image of a female shoe with a thick heel on the cardboard in advance (or find and translate the finished one).

    In addition, you will need to prepare a marker, glue, scissors, another cardboard sheet and glass rhinestones with a flat base. Strasses can be replaced with paillettes, confetti, sequins, beads and beads, decorative paper figures. You can make decorations from paper and foil yourself, using simple figured punchers.

    Applying a shoe for March 8

    Getting Started.

    First of all, we suggest that your baby circle a shoe pattern that we have previously prepared on a cardboard sheet. For younger children, this task will be difficult enough, and they may need your help - hold the template so that it does not budge.

    Now cut out the circled shoe, carefully manipulating small scissors. Mother's shoe is almost ready for March 8, but not yet decorated at all.

     We cut a shoe out of cardboard

    We cut a shoe out of cardboard

    We turn to the decoration: we cover the surface of the shoe with prepared decorative elements. If you took colored cardboard for its basis, then you need to select jewelery taking into account color compatibility. If the shoe is made of white or beige cardboard, the colors of the jewelry may be completely unexpected. The main thing is to glue all the elements very carefully, evenly distributing them over the surface of the figure.To fix glass and plastic decorations, it's better to use polymer glue.

     We glue the decorations

    We glue the decorations

    Well, here's the hand-made shoes for 8 Martha! With our own hands, we turned a common sheet of cardboard into a very interesting and incredibly feminine product, and at the same time trained our fingers, fingering and pasting small naughty details.

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