• Application of porcelain stoneware in tile production

    Porcelain tile is a popular material for making tiles. For its production is used raw materials based on quartz sand, clay and various mineral additives. Quality has an attractive appearance and stunning properties in terms of durability. This durable, durable and reliable material is often used in decorating.

    To obtain porcelain stoneware of the desired shape and size, manufacturers use high pressure, under which a mixture of powder and liquid is processed. The use of special forms and impurities allows you to create, stone and metal. Such imitations are characterized by increased demand among buyers looking for unusual finishing materials at a relatively low price. Laying tiles, which was used in the manufacture of porcelain, is no different from the installation of conventional tile.

    When choosing finishing materials, special attention should be paid to reviews about manufacturers.Ceramic that can be wholesale and retail, will be the best choice for lovers of durable and visually attractive materials. Spanish factories are currently considered the undisputed leader in the manufacture of tiles for the needs of the mass buyer. Interesting collections of tiles appear on a regular basis, significantly expanding the available range. Suppliers also offer favorable discounts and promotions for buyers.

    The porcelain is baked at a temperature that exceeds 1200 ° C. High-quality thermal processing allows to obtain a thin, but extremely durable material with an extremely interesting structure and unusual texture. Technical features of the material make it attractive for finishing work in residential and public buildings.

    High-quality porcelain stoneware tiles are characterized by a low level of moisture absorption, increased resistance to aggressive substances, amazing strength and a huge variety of design solutions. Environmentally friendly material can be used for wall decoration. It is also highly appreciated as flooring.Previously, the main problem associated with the purchase of porcelain, was considered an overpriced. The appearance on the market of new manufacturers has significantly reduced prices for products.

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