• And where do you buy the currency - in a bank or on the Moscow Exchange?

    In 2014, the Russian economy was subjected to a number of serious tests. It just so happened that the effects of sanctions imposed by Western countries were superimposed on sharply reduced world oil prices. All this led to a drop in federal budget revenues and acceleration of inflation.

    A vivid manifestation of instability in the domestic economy was the rapid jumps in the exchange rate. Russians pay attention to this indicator when they assess their financial situation. As it turned out, last year it has greatly deteriorated.

    As usual in such situations, our fellow citizens tried to protect their savings by shifting into dollars. Businessmen who have existing contracts with foreign partners also began to convert funds into their accounts into currency. However, only banks that increased exchange rates benefited.

    Short-term profit still affects the financial structures.In order not to waste your time and not to overpay for intermediation to banks, anyone (whether a businessman or a private person) can independently trade currency on the Moscow Exchange. To do this, it is enough to conclude a cooperation agreement with the Investment Company "Zerich Capital Management".

    In a free market, the dynamics of the current exchange rate form the balance of supply and demand. It is at this rate, which is characterized by the minimum difference between the purchase and sale prices, that deals are made on the Moscow Exchange in real time.

    A well-built workflow system allows you to register transactions automatically. In addition, Moscow Exchange guarantees accelerate settlements between counterparties and minimize additional fees. Within a few seconds, the purchased currency is credited to your account, and there are no obstacles to immediately withdraw it from the exchange.

    Lots in foreign exchange trading start at $ 1,000. At the same time, trading in the currency section of the Moscow Exchange is not only in dollars and euros. The expansion of trade with China led to an increase in the volume of transactions with the yuan.And for settlements with partners from the CIS countries, it is possible at a favorable rate to convert the ruble into Kazakh tenge, Belarusian ruble or Ukrainian hryvnia.

    If you want to work independently on the stock exchange, then IC Zerich Capital Management will open an account for you on the stock exchange, and you will be able to join the currency trading using the usual trading terminal. If you do not have free time, the Company's employees will purchase the currency on the exchange for you. The fee will remain the same - all the same 75 cents from a thousand dollars.

    Private clients receive the same level of service as large companies at ZERICH Capital Management. Respectful attitude and equal approach to all clients - this is the basis of the well-deserved reputation of the Zerich Company!

    The full information about the products and services of IC Zerich Capital Management will be provided to you by the managers of the Company's Client Department if you call (+7 495) 737-0580 or (8 800) 333-0580. Information is also posted on the website www.zerich.com.

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