• Add some glue to a piece of old cloth to create an incredible thing.

    Most often, textiles seem to be something soft, taking the form of other objects. This fabric function can be used by creating a flower pot or an interestingly shaped flower pot. Glue will give the construction the necessary hardness.

    For the project will need:

    • Thick fabric;
    • PVA glue;
    • any capacity for mold removal;
    • brush, paint, acrylic lacquer;
    • thick thread;
    • newspapers, package;
    • a bowl

    Choose a bottle or jar of the desired shape. Try on the desired piece of fabric. Cut a round piece and chop its edges.

    Dilute the PVA glue in a little water. This will allow the glue to be better absorbed into the fabric. It should be avoided too liquid consistency, otherwise the pot will not hold the shape. Dip the cloth in the adhesive solution completely, and then squeeze. Repeat this procedure several times.

    After dipping the fabric one last time, place it on a work surface.The seamy part should be below.

    Wrap the pot form or put a bag on it. So it will be easier to remove the dried billet. If you do not have a round bottle, wrap old newspapers on any container. Give the paper the desired shape, fixing the final result with scotch tape.

    Put the fabric on the form. At the top we fix the future of the neck of the pot with a rope. At this stage, folds and bends can be formed. Leave the pot to dry. You can put under the radiator, or blow-dry, if you do not want to wait long.

    Mix acrylic with white glue. Apply one coat to the pot, it will become even harder. The bottle at this stage is better not to take out.

    Wait until the paint has dried and remove the mold. Remove the rope if you do not want it to remain in the final product.

    Completely paint the pot in the desired color, reaching all the folds. If you use the pot for planting, make a drain hole. For pots or topiary, fill the pot with plaster.

    Final work varnish. You can apply a golden paint on the edges.

    Pots of fabric can be of different shapes, choose at your discretion.Instead of glue, you can use cement and other clamps.

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