• A bit of mysticism: what kind of mom are you by zodiac sign


    What are you mom on a horoscope
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    Strengths:youth, openness, originality, justice.

    Weak sides:limitations, unnecessary agitations and a penchant for drama, detachment, too loyal views.

    What are you mom:What do you get if you mix a neighbor girl, a fan of rock and roll, the queen of masquerade and the best friend of childhood? Add a pair of tattoos, a black belt in karate and at least one skeleton in the closet (piercing, which you regret?) - and you will get an Aquarius mom in all its eclectic beauty.

    The character of mom-aquarius does not fit in any frame. You are loving and detached, implacable and spontaneous, eccentric with the softest control in the world. You specialize in the dispensation of chaos, and your parenting does not know the rules. Mama-Aquarius can be reckless and absolutely crazy, but she is never bored with her. You perceive your own life as a great adventure and would like the children to stay in this magical utopia created by your vivid imagination, as long as possible.

    Aquarius known for its windiness is a sign of free ties and friendship, therefore you belong more to the whole world than to one little person. But at the same time, you can crave for security and residency, at least in the first years of the life of children.

    It is vital for you to preserve your individuality, even becoming a mom. If you loved to go to music festivals, sports games, exhibitions or go out of town for a weekend with girlfriends, find a way to continue in the same spirit. Do not try to be a happy homebody - you will rebel! You need the right balance between honoring your own individuality and being a source of stability and constancy in the lives of your children.

    Star moms Aquarius: Cheryl Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Shakira, Denise Richards, Ekaterina Klimova, Vera Brezhneva, Olga Shelest.


    What are you mom on a horoscope
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    Strengths:compassion, good breeding, rich imagination, creativity.

    Weak sides:incontinence, manipulation, instability, guilt.

    What are you mom:hello, mother mermaid! Fish are tempting sirens, which even in sweatpants will be laid and ready for grandiose plans.

    You are empathizing and light, spiritual and sensitive, wise and emotionally educated.You know how to make yourself a goddess, and you can teach this to other women.

    Mom Pisces has many quirks. Something constantly happens in your head, and there are no monotonous days in the house. You fall asleep and wake up with thoughts of fabulous weekends, travels, picnics. Albert Einstein (Pisces) said: "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination."

    However, the reverse side of your willful behavior can be the complete absence of internal restrictions, stability, order and regime. This can lead to difficulties in the life of growing children or make them anxious about constant unpredictability. Husband, grandparents or caregivers will come to the rescue. Feel free to ask them for help when you feel exhausted.

    Your children know that you will always cover their backs, and will grow with a healthy self-esteem. You will be there to support them, indulge and encourage their every achievement. Despite having your own personal life, you will carry intimacy with children through the years. Mom, best friend, confidante - you effortlessly cope with each role.

    Star moms Pisces:Kristen Davis, Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendez, Sharon Stone, Olivia Wilde, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Natalia Vodyanova, Julia Volkova, Tatyana Bulanova, Nelli Uvarova.

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