• 8 tendencies next summer - why do we need them now?

    With the trends of the spring-summer season, everything is usually trivial: flowers, stripes, marine style, tropical prints and a host of other motley charms, from which the heart is compressed in the middle of the winter. The future season of spring-summer 2017 in this respect from the previous ones will not differ radically: on the catwalks were noticed and colorful stripes, and sea jackets, and large flowers on dresses, and other "classics" of the warm season. Perhaps all of the above is guaranteed to wait until the spring, and now it will be more useful to disassemble exactly those trends of the upcoming season, which are not so obviously linked in meaning to the summer, and therefore you can experiment with them right here and now.

    "Banking" strip

    The classic shirt in white and blue stripes has experienced the most incredible transformations in recent seasons, and until the process stops: frills-ruffles, oversize-silhouette, long-predetermined sleeves, asymmetric cut, stripes or all kinds of cutting details are added.By the way, interesting models can also be found at affordable brands, so if you ask for an idea, look online for the code word striped button shirt.

    How to adapt for the winter?As the bottom layer with a seasonal suit - with pants or a skirt.

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