• 6 rules, thanks to which the tree will stand for a long time and look perfect

    Holidays are approaching, and soon will begin to open Christmas bazaars. We buy toys and garlands, trying to decorate the Christmas tree, but we sometimes choose the Christmas tree at the very last moment. But the type of Christmas tree you choose depends on the look of the whole room.

    Just follow these 6 simple rules, and the symbol of Christmas and New Year in your house will delight you for several weeks in a row.

    Natural trees, cut in the forest or on special glades, retain the wonderful aroma of pine needles, filling the entire apartment. Unfortunately, such trees quickly crumble, forcing you to clean the needles every day. But this process can be a little slow.

    Rule number 1

    Keep the cut tree in the coolest part of the room. Try to place the green beauty so that it is away from the fireplace, radiator or any other heating device.Best of all, if the temperature in the room will not rise above 20 degrees.

    Rule number 2

    Do not forget to daily ensure that the tree has enough moisture. Check the water level and soil (if the tree is in the ground). If the tree does not dry out, the needles will remain on the branches longer. Watering the tree should be at room temperature, and the needles can be sprayed cool.

    Rule number 3

    Even a cut tree needs the appropriate trace elements. You can buy special products for adding to water. Such substances are usually sold in shops specializing in houseplants. In preparations of this type, usually a very convenient dosage. One sachet means diluted in water, which is used for watering wood. You need to feed the tree once a week.

    Rule number 4

    Do not neglect the specialized stand for the tree. Modern designs provide a place for water tanks, and securely fix the tree. But if your Christmas tree has too sprawling branches, you can additionally balance it with a load, such as heavy stones.

    Rule number 5

    For cut trees, the same rules work as for bouquets of fresh flowers.Having bought a Christmas tree, cut 2-3 cm from the base, and put it for a few minutes in hot water. Only after that, place the tree on a stand and add water at room temperature. Thanks to this technique, the moisture will be absorbed better.

    Rule number 6

    Clean all branches of dry needles before hanging decor. Do not overload the branches too much. On the upper weak branches place the smallest and lightest toys. A large heavy balls leave for the bottom. Do not put real candles on the tree - it is not safe! It's best to get by with LED lights, they do not get very hot. It is with them that the tree will be safer and will keep its freshness longer.

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