• 5 of 36: how to win?

    Alexander Smaznev
    Alexander Smaznev
    January 27, 2015
    5 of 36: how to win?

    Lottery "GosLoto" 5 of 36 "- one of the most popular in modern Russia. The rules of this lottery are simple. You need to buy a coupon, which has 6 fields with numbers from 1 to 36. On one or more fields, cross out 5 numbers in your opinion, they will fall out in the next draw. If you guess all 5 numbers, you will win a large sum of money. How to win in "5 out of 36"?

    The tricks of a successful lottery game

    You can use some techniques that will help increase the chances of winning.

    The same combination of numbers

    Choose a combination of 5 numbers. And it doesn't even matter which one you like. Bid on it regularly. Circulation "5 of 36" is played 2 times a day. Sooner or later your combination will fall out. There are already examples of the success of such a strategy.

    Circulation statistics and probability theory

    It seems only at first glance, then the numbers during the draw fall in random order. In fact, there are also regularities here, only very complex ones.Keep track of the statistics of the latest draws (which numbers often fall, which rarely, what is the sum of the numbers drawn), study the mathematical theory of probability, develop your system, and your chances of success will increase.

    Help magic

    There are a lot of magical ways of attracting luck and wealth. Find yourself a talisman, conspiracy, worship the gods of wealth, make a furniture permutation of Feng Shui. And it’s not so much what ritual you choose, but the sincerity and depth of your belief in the inevitability of a positive result. Constant concentration of consciousness on the desired and complete abstraction from an outsider leads to an inexplicable logic effect: you get what you really want.

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