• 40 unusual ways to use soap

    Soap is a super-useful product that helps keep our hands and body clean. Its only drawback is that the remaining remnants are completely inconvenient to use, and it is often pitiful to throw out. To help you with this dilemma, we have collected dozens of ways to use soap for your beauty and in the household. Due to its composition, it is absolutely natural, contains up to 72% of fats and alkali - the pH level of 11-12 is considered the maximum permissible for human skin. It does not cause allergies, but it perfectly destroys bacteria. And the cost of a piece is small, which makes it an indispensable assistant.
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    1.Washing once or twice a week with soap, you forget about acne, because it perfectly dries and disinfects the skin due to alkali. However, after this washing immediately apply a moisturizer.

    2.You can escape from ARVI by wetting cotton pads in a solution of soap and processing sinuses.

    3.A piece of toilet soap is an excellent air freshener in a suitcase or closet.

    4.If you are a lover of a bath, dip a birch broom in the soap solution - so you can even better clean the skin.

    5.You can collect small fragments by walking with a wet piece of soap at the place where the glass was broken.

    6.Spraying with soap solution chosen by aphids plants, you quickly get rid of the misfortune.

    7.The fungus will go away if you rub the affected area with a coarse brush with soap and treat with iodine. The procedure must be repeated until you are cured.

    8.If you suffer from itching from a mosquito bite, walk around the area with a wet piece of soap.

    9.Having filled with water with soap foam a spray, it is possible to receive excellent means against insects.

    10.To prevent glasses from fogging, cover them with soapy water and wipe.

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    11.Soften hard leather shoes by rubbing the inside with a softened soap.

    12.Can't remove the ring? Lather it and hold your hand under water.

    13.Do you like picnics? Before you put the pan on the fire, wipe it with a dry soap - so you protect the pot from soot.

    14.Rub the nails with soap before messing with the flowers or in the garden - the dirt will not fall under the nails.

    15.To stop the doors to creak, wipe their hinges with soap.

    16.Remove the cracks on the heels will help the popular recipe! Make a bath of 2 liters of hot water, 1 tbsp. l laundry soap and 1 tsp. soda

    17.Before hammering a nail, rub it with soap, then the tree will not split.

    18.Preparing a home for the winter cold can be done by making a paste from the remnants and using it to seal the windows with paper.

    19.To make drawers and windows easier to open and close, grease them with soap.

    20.You can check the gas leakage by wiping the gas pipeline with a piece of soap - if soap bubbles appear, then there is a problem.

    21.To prevent jamming of lightning, you can spend a piece of soap along the clasp.

    22.Wallpapers will be easily removed if you put on them hot water with soap flakes.

    23.Use soap as a conditioner, and then rinse your hair with water with a few drops of vinegar.

    24.Loosen the tight lock by brushing the key with soap.

    25.Is it over stainable? Apply a little soap soaked in water directly on the stain.

    26.To disinfect a toothbrush, dip it in a soapy solution and leave it overnight. In the morning pour boiling water. Focus can be repeated with a sponge for washing dishes.

    27.Marking on the fabric before sewing can also be made with soap.

    28.Rubbing a bruise or a scratch with a solution of soap a few times a day will get rid of them faster. And if you apply it on the skin after depilation, you will avoid irritation and pimples.

    29.If you sew the remnant into a piece of cloth, you get a great cushion for pins and needles. Soap will lubricate the tips, and it will become easier to use them.

    30.Soap can shave!

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    31.If you brush the teeth of the saw with soap, you will noticeably lighten your job - it will be easier to enter the tree.

    32.Soapy water perfectly washes dirt and stains on the floor. And by mixing soap chips with mustard powder, you get an effective paste for the toilet, bathroom, sink and stove.

    33.Even very dirty socks will be as good as new if you soak them in a basin with soapy water. Also laundry soap is ideal for washing baby clothes.

    34.Putting the remnants in a special bag (or even a sock), you can make a self-cleaning washcloth.

    35.You can master the art of soap making and make new soap bars out of the remnants! If you prefer liquid, dissolve the remnants in water and pour into a bottle with dispenser.

    36.If you get burned, cover the place of the burn with soap suds as quickly as possible or moisten and apply a piece of laundry soap.

    37.To smooth out the pants with arrows, turn them inside out and walk with a dry soap along the arrow. After ironing them as usual.

    38.Spraying plants with soapy water will help get rid of aphids and other pests. Plus, unlike pesticides, it is absolutely safe.

    39.If you are an artist, try washing the brush off the oil paint with a soap.

    40.Do you have ants? Put a piece of laundry soap in place of the accumulation - they will quickly disappear.

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