• 29 wedding dresses for which it is worth playing a wedding.

    Wedding Dressfor the bride - the most special and important outfit in her life. I want it to be a truly festive and memorable for all guests. And most importantly - the groom. Satin or lace? Snow white or with an original shade? Magnificent or elegant fitted? Solve only the bride.

    After all, this will be remembered on the day of the celebration: a romantic fairy or queen.

    1. Dress fairies with a floral motif.

    2. Excellent color and very cool cut!

    3. The easiest pink chiffon dress.

    4. Fascinating light pink dress decorated with pearls.

    5. The original jumpsuit with drapery.

    6. Incredibly romantic chiffon dress with tulle skirt!

    7. Light, almost air folds emphasize the tenderness and airiness of the image.

    8. Elegant outfit for a charming lady.

    9. Royally!

    10. Cute dress with lush sleeves.

    11. Magic color.

    12. Charming dress with an open back and a full skirt of gray.

    13.Lace dress with original trim on the back.

    14. Perfect for a modern wedding!

    15. Peach tenderness.

    16. Vintage dress from the pages of novels by Jane Austen.

    17. Elegant outfit, decorated with lace and pearls.

    18. Dress midi with long sleeves.

    19. A delightful combination of a crochet-top and an airy skirt.

    20. White dress with open back.

    21. Another option with Crop Top.

    22. Amazing lace dress with an open back.

    23. Wonderful dress with a belt.

    24. Elegant outfit in the Greek style.

    25. A hint at the fashion of the 50s.

    26. Original crochet top and silk skirt.

    27. The perfect dress in a luxurious color.

    28. Why not? Custom snow-white jumpsuit with floral motifs.

    29. Magnificent dress of mint color with open shoulders.

    Inspired? Then go in search of a dress that will turn you into a real princess. After all, a wedding is an extra reason to make sure that this is so.

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