• 20 creative ideas that will help revive and decorate the interior of the house

    We all love to save. I want to get great things for my home without spending extra money on it. But really beautiful things always cost much ... Or not always? Here are 20 amazing ideas on how to create a real masterpiece of design with a can of paint and inexpensive things.

    The advantages of paint in the cylinder can be attributed to its ability to transform things beyond recognition. No one will even guess that a particular thing is done by your hands. And the paint itself is quite inexpensive.

    1. Not such a metal basin

    A galvanized basin in vintage style will look great as a container for refreshments at a picnic. You can not be afraid to leave it in the rain, or fill it with ice - this basin is not afraid of rust, because in fact it is plastic. The galvanized structure is easy to imitate.

    2. Bright lampshades

    An excellent solution for arranging the reading area in bed. Ordinary lampshades purchased at the lowest price can be converted into a bright and stylish accessory.

    To begin with, protect the interior of the cartridges from paint. It is most convenient for these purposes to use masking tape. If it is not - the usual food film will do.

    The metal part of the lamp will be painted under silver spray paint. Cover the work surface with newspapers or plastic film and paint over the lamp bases on all sides. Leave them dry.

    Ceiling can choose the most simple and cheap, standard white. They can also be painted.

    As the chosen design provides two-color plafonds, we rewind the edges of the lampshades with paint tape. They should stay bright.

    We paint the rest. After the paint is completely dry, we remove the scotch tape. The lampshade is ready.

    In this form, the lamps look much cheaper than the standard version.

    3. Watch with petals

    As it turned out, they are made from the most simple and inexpensive materials.

    To create these hours will need:

    • 250 plastic spoons (the amount may vary depending on the size of the frame)
    • Foam base
    • Scissors
    • Glue gun
    • The basis of foam or plasterboard
    • Cheap Chinese watches
    • Screws and screwdriver

    Cut out the base of a thin durable material. This may be foam, drywall or even just thick cardboard.

    In the middle of the circle you need to indent the size of the watch face. It cuts holes for mounting the clock and battery. You can paint the base in the same color that will be painted the entire product.

    After preparing the base, you can start cutting spoons. Being accustomed, you will notice that there is a place in which a spoon is most convenient to cut. After the spoons are ready, they can be glued. We start from the outer edge. Hot glue holds the plastic well and dries quickly. Spoons should be glued a little overlap. Gluing one layer, you can proceed to the next. And so on until all the space is filled.

    To paint the watch itself, you need to close the dial. In this case, used paper and masking tape.

    It remains only to paint everything.

    Putting all the details together. The pieces of foam left after cutting the hole for the battery will help secure the watch to the base.You can fix it with ordinary screws.

    The result is an interesting and useful home decoration.

    4. Mirrorware

    If you managed to find a paint with a mirror effect, this is real luck! With its help, you can convert almost any inexpensive thing into a real work of modern design. It can be a cheap glass vase from a store around the corner, or an old ceramic pot. You can create whole compositions, combining in size and shape. And you will achieve the same texture using coloring.

    5. White and gold bowls

    Ordinary wooden or clay bowls can be completely transformed by coloring. This design allows you to use a simple dish as a storage for jewelry. The cups fit perfectly into the bedroom or boudoir interior. You just need to spray some golden paint inside the bowl and cover it with white outside.

    6. Pots for flowers from cans

    Love indoor plants? It is not necessary to grow them in ceramic containers purchased in the store. An ordinary tin can looks great if it is fully or partially covered with gold paint. And with the money saved you can buy more seeds.

    7Futuristic composition for the garden

    And again experiments with mirror paint. If you have several unnecessary bowling balls at your disposal, and there is no desire to build paths, adapt them as decorations for the exterior. If you buy balls specifically for the project, choose those where the holes for the fingers are close to each other. They will be easier to hide.

    8. Create your own picture

    A beautiful picture is sometimes quite expensive. Even if it is not handmade, but only a printed reproduction. If you want to decorate your house with a unique piece and not spend a lot of money on it, pay attention to this idea.

    First, select the material for the stem. This can be a piece of art board, canvas or drawing paper. Next, select the paint. You can restrict one color, or combine several. Work better in rubber gloves. And finally, choose the basis for the picture. It can be branches or flowers. Any natural material of interesting shape will do.

    Lay the foundation on a flat surface, and place the plants on it. Spray paint from above, at right angles.Be sure to hold the sprig, as it may drift from the spray of paint. Alternatively, it can be secured. We remove the branch, and the picture is almost ready. It remains to wait until it dries.

    You can create a whole series of works by placing them in the same frames.

    9. Change the structure of the countertop

    Today you can not just repaint the furniture, but even give it a look of a decorative coating made of natural material. For example, there are paints that create the effect of a real marble panel.

    Protect all surfaces that should not be painted with a waterproof film. The edges must be strengthened with masking tape.

    Apply paint and wait until it is completely dry. It is advisable to avoid open windows, since dust may remain on the paint. It is best to ensure a good ventilation job.

    Remove the film. Now you have a completely new working surface.

    10. Create a bedside table from a regular basket.

    Furniture with imitation forging gives the room a lightness and sophistication. An ordinary basket, which is designed for garbage or storage of firewood, can be the basis of a small, pretty table.Just cover it with black paint, turn it over and fasten the table top on top.

    11. Lace chairs

    Old chairs can be simply dyed, and you can put a picture using ordinary tulle as a stencil.

    Take the old tulle with a suitable pattern. Maybe old spots on it, or she just went out of fashion ...

    Clean the chairs from dust and prepare for painting. Secure the pieces of tulle at the edges of the seat and on the backs. Apply paint immediately to the seats, and then to the entire chair.

    After the paint dries completely, for reliability, cover the chair with frosted acrylic lacquer from the bottle, and let it dry for 12 hours.

    This decor perfectly emphasizes the vintage design, and at the same time makes the thing more relevant for a modern interior.

    12. Jewelry for gift boxes

    Do you like to surprise your relatives every year not only with the gift itself, but also with its decoration? Have a great idea. Small toys, painted with golden or silver paint, look like real metal sculptures. Glue them to the clothespin, cover with paint, and get the original decoration.

    13. Add colors to the garden

    Standard wooden birdhouses sell in household and interior stores. But they can be used as a decor.Just paint the houses of different shapes and sizes and hang them on the hedge. Even without birds, the wall will refresh the garden. And if the little guests still find their way into the houses, this corner will simply come to life!

    14. Colored kitchen accessories

    It is not easy to pick up cans for cereals and spices to match the color of kitchen furniture. Sometimes even a slight difference in shade can look quite sloppy. It’s much easier to handle a paint shop task. Create whole sets by coloring standard white objects. And all the guests will be endlessly surprised at how perfectly your furniture and dishes fit together.

    15. Refresh Garden Decor

    An old clay pot on a rusted metal stand for a long time can not serve as a garden ornament. You can refresh it, so that by the time of spring plantings, it served as a decent decoration for a young plant. You can paint both parts of the pot.

    16. Vases from bottles

    Some bottles have such an interesting shape that it is a pity to throw them away. Just cover them with acrylic paint from the bottle, and apply the ornament with a homemade stencil. You can put in such a bouquet or dried flowers. The best would be to look at the composition of several vases of different shapes, decorated in the same style.

    17. Fancy hooks

    Another interesting way to use old toys.Small figures are cut in half, and fastened with screws to a plain flat board. Golden “hooks” on a white background will look best. You can choose the same toys, or different. The main thing is to pick up figures of the same size.

    18. Refresh family silver

    Melchior or silver devices can be cleaned and polished. But sometimes, even in this case, they will not find a place in a modern interior. But if you add color accents, family values ​​will sparkle with new colors! Now, even in modern kitchen, they will not look alien.

    19. Toilet roll holder

    Having painted an old shabby dinosaur, it is possible to receive the convenient and original holder for a toilet paper. For reliability, it is better to fix the toy with a glue gun.

    20. Make a chandelier of modern

    The classic shape of the chandelier in combination with the usual structure looks too trite. But if you add an unusual shade for such a thing, we get a completely different accessory. It perfectly fits into a modern dynamic interior.

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