• 10 unexpected ways to use the microwave

    On October 8, 1945, Massachusetts resident Percy Spencer patented a microwave oven.

    And we decided to find you a dozen of unexpected properties of the microwave and at the same time useful tips.

    1. To refresh the aroma of ground spices and seasonings, heat them up to full power for thirty seconds.

    2. If you wrap stale bread in a paper napkin and warm it at full power for one minute, the bread will again become fresh.

    3. Almonds are easy to clean, if you put it in boiling water and warm for thirty seconds at full power.

    4. Walnuts are easy to peel, warming them in water for four to five minutes at full power.

    5. Orange or grapefruit is easy to clear of white pulp, if they are heated for thirty seconds at full power.

    6. In the microwave, you can quickly and easily dry the zest of oranges and grapefruits. Put it on paper napkins and warm it up at full capacity for two minutes. Stir in the zest during heating.After cooling, it becomes dry and brittle. Store dried zest in a tightly sealed container.

    7. A microwave oven will help squeeze the juice from a lemon or orange almost to a drop even with a very thick citrus peel. Warm the fruit for a few minutes in the microwave, let it cool, and you can easily squeeze the juice out of them.

    8. In the microwave can be dried for the winter greens, vegetables, as well as crackers and nuts.

    9. You can melt the candied honey in 1-2 minutes.

    10. In the microwave it is possible to dislodge the smell from cutting boards - they need to be washed, rubed with lemon and "fried" in a microwave oven.

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