• 10 movies you can watch with a guy and he will like it

    Even if you want to relax under a romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston, on the evening of February 23, try a little change in the course and see with your boyfriend male movies. Believe me, this will please not only him, but you too!

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    George Miller's film, which received six Oscars, is one continuous chase. Former cop Max Rokatanski (Tom Hardy), along with one-handed warlord Fiourios (Charlize Theron) and a bunch of fashionable beautiful wives of the cruel leader of a gang of non-death Joe, runs through the post-apocalyptic desert in the hope of escape.

    George Miller showed that even the plotless cinema can be made magnificent: the energy of the chase does not subside for a second, the steampunk vehicles perform almost choreographic pas, Charlize Theron manages to play drama, and Tom Hardy boils with charisma.

    "The Shawshank Redemption"

    Frank Darabont's film on the "fearless" story of Stephen King - the story of a successful banker Andy, who was sentenced to two life sentences for the murder of his wife and her lover.Andy claims that he is innocent, and he is confident that one should not lose hope for freedom. About freedom, not so much external, as internal, and it turned out this movie with an outstanding actor duo of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.


    The famous gangster drama of Francis Ford Coppola about the mafia family of Corleone with great actors. The film won three Oscars and is always included in the lists of the best films in the history of cinema.

    The head of the mafia, imposing and courteous Don Vito Corleone, marries his daughter. At this time, his son Michael, a brilliant officer who is not inclined to do family work, returns from the war. Gradually, Michael turns from a romantic into a cold-blooded dictator, takes over the family business and says the famous phrase: "Nothing personal. Only business.

    Big Lebowski

    The hero of the film is the brothers Cohen - lazy and a lover of the cocktail "White Russian", walking around in a house rashristannom and confident that the carpet can set the style of the entire room. Big Lebowski, or Dude, performed by Jeff Bridges - an amateur Buddhist philosopher who preserves both external and internal equanimity in a variety of life circumstances - is the most non-heroic hero of both the Coen and the cinema of the late 90s.

    "Deadly weapon"

    Nostalgic film of 1987 with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover starring LA cops with different temperaments. Martin Riggs - reckless and risky, Roger Mertaf - prudent and cautious family man. The partners are not made for each other, but when you need to deal with a gang of criminals, this couple will work together. Richard Donner's police action film is a concentrate of adrenaline and humor, there is everything that can cheer up: chases, explosions, jumping from breathtaking heights and rough police jokes.

    "Ong Bak"

    Thailand crime thriller with exceptional stunts will appeal to fans of martial arts. In this tape there is no fantastic beauty of "Hero", the characters are beating believably, but impressively.

    Misfortunes attacked a small Thai village: not only was it a drought, someone else had stolen the head of a Buddha statue. In order to return the relic to an important event, the disciple of the monk Ting, who perfectly masters the martial arts, goes in search.


    Large-scale and beautiful film by Ridley Scott about the brave Roman Maximus received five Oscars.Russell Crowe, who played the general who turned into a gladiator, was awarded the prize for the best male role.

    The noble warrior Maximus won victories in many battles, but he proved to be unsophisticated about court intrigues. Miraculously surviving, Maximus becomes a gladiator and fights for his life in front of the eyes of hundreds of raging spectators in the arena of the Roman Colosseum.

    "Without a face"

    John Woo fighter, in which the FBI agent exchanged face with a criminal lying in a coma. Only here the charming terrorist woke up and pulled the face of a boring cop on himself. John Travolta and Nick Cage, who were in the juice, were lucky: they each played an acting dream - a bad guy in the guise of a good one and vice versa.


    The cult film that made Bruce Willis an action hero. A simple New York cop John McClain opens the hunt season for international terrorists, smart and brutal (the beautiful role of Alan Rickman). The last thing he wants is to wave with criminals, he is just the right guy and does his job. Let your young man follow the development of events, and you can admire the young Bruce Willis in a snow-white alcoholic.

    «Legend № 17»

    Nikolai Lebedev's film about the legend of domestic hockey Valery Kharlamov, about his perseverance, sports passion, the desire for victory and uneasy relations with coach Anatoly Tarasov.

    The path to Kharlamov's success does not consist of endless victories, but of failures, disappointments, sweat and tears. In the film there is a sporting truth about the fact that, having reached the moment when it seems that the athlete can do nothing more, he takes one more step forward. Sport is the work not only of the body, but also of the character, and "Legend No. 17" shows this to the fullest.

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