• 10 most anticipated series of 2016

    The release of some new series or the continuation of existing ones, many viewers are waiting with great impatience, nothing less than the premiere of advertised boxing films. Every year, hundreds of new serial stories come out on TV screens, however, only a few of them win the present popularity and love of the viewer.

    Among all the existing diversity we have chosen and prepared the top ten most anticipated and, according to preliminary estimates of critics, interesting series, which premieres are scheduled for 2016. The list includes various genres, ranging from fantasy and melodramas, ending with thrillers, dramas and detectives.

    1. Black Mirror, UK.On the leading place in our list of the most anticipated was this particular anthology series, which opens the viewer to an unusual genre - social fiction. It cannot be called completely new; in 2011-2012, three seasons were released, in each series of which a new story was told about a new reality, in which computer technologies, the media and the Internet did bring society to the point of complete absurdity.The series raises important topics that really disturb modern society and with which we do not yet know how to cope. In 2016, fans are waiting for a new season, which will be released in the popular channel Netflix.
    2. The X-Files, USA.And again in our list of the best is not a new series, but the revival of the legendary old, which pleased the viewer 15 years ago! Most recently, the premiere of the first episode, in which the favorite agents return, albeit slightly aged. They again take up the investigation of strange and even paranormal phenomena that affect the fate of entire states.
    3. "The Chronicles of Shannara", USA.Good news for fans of high-quality fantasy: at the beginning of 2016, a completely new and very expensive project began to appear on the screens, which managed to bring noise with one of its trailers, and today with the first series that came out. The series, filmed in the open spaces of New Zealand, tells the old, like the world, history: evil demons attempt on the kingdom of elves. To save the world of beauty, the young princess of the elves and her friend go on a difficult journey. The uniqueness of the story gives the world,in which events are described: the distant future, in which America has managed to split into 4 parts, on each of which the warring races dominate.
    4. «11/22/63», the USA.The mini-series, the premiere of which was scheduled for February 15, 2016, was filmed on the subject of the eponymous science fiction novel by the famous writer Stephen King, who, by the way, was one of the authors of the script. The plot focuses on a simple American history teacher, who has a unique chance to go back in time and prevent a terrible event in the history of all of America - the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
    5. "Preacher", the USA.The exact date of the premiere is still unknown, however, many viewers are already eagerly awaiting, when they can get acquainted with the mysterious preacher Jessie Custer, inside of whom a strange creature has settled - an angel and a demon in one bottle, capable of becoming on the same level with God , however strange it may sound. Jessie is endowed with special powers and knowledge, which make him understand: the Lord himself disappeared from his “workplace” and now it will not be more than enough to return him to his “native hearths”, which the preacher will do.
    6. "Vinyl", the USA.Another of the most awaited new products of 2016, which you should definitely look at to all those who are fan of rock'n'roll and all the consequences arising from it. A good row as the main producers is the talented Martin Scorsese, as well as the no less talented, however, in his field, the leader of the Rolling Stones group, the inimitable Mick Jagger. In the center of the story - the 70s of the last century, the main character is the leader of the record company, who at the dawn of disco and punk is trying not to lose their business.
    7. "Legends of Tomorrow", USA.A serious bid for leadership: the DC universe, known to comic book fans, threatened to save not only the world, but time as a whole. The series is positioned as a spin-off of other well-known projects of the same universe - “Flash” and “Strela”.
    8. "Lucifer", the USA.Sometimes even the Lord of the Demons can become bored. And when it happened, Lucifer goes from his underworld to modern Los Angeles, where he opens his nightclub and enjoys life with all his life - he meets celebrities, drinks expensive wine, listens to good music and plays it on the piano. All this does not last long: literally on the threshold of his club, a young and promising singer is being killed.Together with the police officers, the Devil tries to find the culprit and, over time, turns into a real adviser for such cases.
    9. "Game of Thrones", USA.It is difficult to list such a list and not to include in it such a popular sensational series, let it be already its 6th season. The new part will be filmed on the book "Winds of Winter" and it should reveal many questions that are exciting for fans. For example, "Will John Snow Return From the Dead" or "Where did Daenerys go?"
    10. Sherlock, UK.Another sensational British-made series, season 4 of which is promised for the spring of 2016. As before, it will include 3 series, the plot of which has not yet been disclosed. It is only known that in the new season a new interesting participant should appear - the third brother of the main detective.
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