• 10 indoor plants that are active even at night

    For some, indoor plants - the subject of interior decor, for others - an alternative to pets, requiring much less money, care and attention. But do not forget that an important function of plants is to clean the air in the house. Here are the leaders among those who can easily fill the room with oxygen. These plants most actively emit oxygen at night, so there is a wash to bring them into the bedroom, even if during the day there is little sun.

    Decorative palm trees

    Plants of the palm family have a large area of ​​leaves, emit oxygen and moisture is quite active. Get such a "pet" in the bedroom, so as not to know problems with sleep. Palma grows well in a shady place without direct sunlight.


    Kalanchoe ether pairs are considered natural antidepressants. The plant produces good oxygen at any time of the day. It is better to put the pot where there will be a lot of sunny color and water the flower plentifully. It is important to prevent the leaves from drying out.


    Since this flower belongs to cacti, it adapts perfectly to almost any conditions. Christmas can be placed away from sunlight, and watered as needed. In December, the green plant will be covered with beautiful flowers of bright shade, justifying its name.


    With such colors, coping is not so easy as with other characters in the article. But they are worth more detailed care, because not only fill the room with oxygen, but also absorb toxic compounds, such as benzene. Gerberas bloom very beautifully, thanks to them they are often used in bouquets. The next time you choose a gift, give preference to a flower in a pot, and more than one year will be grateful to you.

    Ficus Benjamin

    The ficus of this species is a rather unpretentious plant. It loves the sunny color and stretches towards it, therefore for a flat crown the ficus must be constantly rotated. Water it so that the soil does not dry out, but puddles do not form in it. If possible, periodically bring the plant closer to sunlight, for example, on a balcony or windowsill.


    The advantage of this plant can be considered the fact that it can be purchased already flowering.Orchids are not only beautiful in appearance, but also beneficial to humans. They saturate the air with oxygen. Provide the flower a lot of light and proper watering.

    Thin-Color Basil

    This plant is good from all sides. Not only that the leaves can be used as spices, adding to these or other dishes, but a couple of basil also contribute to the normalization of the human nervous system. Put the pot in the bedroom or in the kitchen and enjoy the wonderful aroma.


    To many, this plant is familiar with its unofficial name “Teschin language”. I want to believe that such a nickname appeared only out of good intentions, but it is connected with concern for the health of the inhabitants of the apartment. The plant does not need special care and perfectly cleans the air.

    Aloe vera

    This indoor plant is one of the main ingredients of traditional medicine recipes. Once in 3-4 years aloe should be transplanted, dividing into shoots. Aloe leaves perfectly clean the air and do not require complex care, except for timely watering.

    Indian Neem

    The plant is also known as "Nim", and is popular with lovers of clean air. To grow it you need to make a lot of effort.The plant requires a lot of light and specially selected varieties of soil.

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