• Powering the LED from a 1.5 volt battery

    LEDs have long supplanted incandescent bulbs from almost all areas. This is understandable: the LED is superior in brightness to the lamp, considering its power consumption. But there are also a number of disadvantages to LEDs. Of course we will not talk about everyone, but we will discuss one. This is a high threshold of the initial power supply - it is about 1.8-2.2 volts. Naturally, you cannot power it with one battery ... To eliminate this drawback, we will build a simple converter using the absolute minimum of parts. With this converter, you can connect an LED (or several LEDs) to one battery and make a small flashlight. We need:
    • LED.
    • 2N3904 or silicon transistor BC547, or any other npn structure.
    • Wire.
    • 1 kΩ resistor.
    • Ring-shaped or ferrite hearts.
    LED power supply from a 1.5 volt battery
    LED power supply from a 1.5 volt battery

    Converter circuit

    I will give you two circuits.One for winding a ring transformer, the other for those who don’t have a ring core at hand.
    LED power supply from a 1.5 volt battery
    The power of the LED from the battery 1.5 volts
    This is the simplest blocking generator, with a free frequency of excitation. The idea is as old as the world. The device will have a high efficiency.

    Winding inductor

    Regardless of whether you are using a ring core or a regular ferrite core, wind 10 turns of each winding. Your inductor is ready for this.
    LED power supply from a 1.5 volt battery

    Generator check

    Assemble according to a circuit and check. The generator should work and does not need adjustment. If suddenly the LED does not light up when the elements are intact, try changing the ends of one of the windings of the induction transformer. Now, the LED shines very brightly even from a dead battery. The bottom edge of the power supply of the entire device is somewhere around 0.6 volts. The efficiency of a transformer on a ring core is slightly larger.Not critical of course, but just keep in mind.
    LED power supply from a 1.5 volt battery
    Power LEDs from the battery 1.5 volts

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